Popoli Patrizia

Director of the National Center for Drug Research and Evaluation, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

(National Institute of Health)


High School:

  • General Certificate of Education in Humanistic Sciences, on 1976.


  • Medical Doctor, University of Perugia, 1982.
  • Board in Neurology, University of Perugia, 1987.


Participation to Technical Committees and Working Groups

  • Chairwoman of the Technical Scientific Committee, Italian Drug Agency (AIFA)
  • Member of the Committee for the authorization of phase I studies, National Institute of Health.
  • Member of the Ethics Committee, National Institute of Health
  • Member of the National Coordinating Center of Ethics Committee, AIFA
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Patient’s Advocacy Lab (Catholic University)


Teaching activity and conferences

Delivering of many conferences and lessons in the fields of preclinical pharmacology, drug regulatory disciplines, clinical studies, drug evaluation.


Research activity and scientific publications

More than 160 papers published in international peer-review Journals. H index: 44