Salvo Francesco

Francesco Salvo is professor of Pharmacology at the University of Bordeaux.

It’s been around 20 years he’s working in drug safety, first at the Sicilian centre of Pharmacovigilance in Messina, Italy, then the nationwide Italian network of regional PV centres, and in the signal detection group of the Italian Medicine Agency (AIFA).

In 2008 he moved to Bordeaux where he has been involved in pharmacoepidemiology research projects funded by European Commission.

From 2014 to October 2020, he assessed safety of clinical trial sponsored by the Bordeaux University Hospital, and he was involved in real-life safety studies conducted by the French platform “Drugs-Safe”, supported by the French Medicine Agency (ANSM).

In 2017, he started the coordination of the European Programme of Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology (Eu2P), and since 2021 he leads the Bordeaux Regional pharmacovigilance Centre.