Sturkenboom Miriam

Miriam Sturkenboom is professor in Real World Evidence, a pharmacoepidemiologist, and head of the department of Datascience and Biostatistics at the Julius Center of University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. She was professor in Observational Data Analysis at the department of Medical Informatics at Erasmus MC until 2017. She is past president of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology. Her research interests focus on knowledge discovery from data collected in routine health care to improve evidence on drug and vaccine safety in particular in vulnerable populations (children, pregnancy and elderly). She is coordinator of the European commission funded ConcePTION project aiming to establish a tested system for the monitoring of benefits and risks of medicines in pregnancy, and is co-founder and president of the Vaccine Monitoring Collaboration for Europe (VAC4EU), she coordinated the EMA funded ACCESS, Early Covid-Vaccine Monitor Study and currently the Covid-Vaccine Monitor study and CONSIGN (medication use in COVID-affected pregnancies), all funded by EMA.). In terms of quantitative research outputs: she supervises/d more than 50 PhD students, has more than 400 peer reviewed papers in the area of pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology and medical informatics and an h-index of 78.