In a stretch of land designed in accord with the bends and twists of the River Adige, we find Verona, a visually stunning city of excellence and one of the 55 Italian sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  2,000 years of history encased in an expanse of 200 km2: this is Verona, site of a completely harmonious integration of the finest of artistic elements from several diverse historical epochs.

Thanks to its geographic location, it was an important urban centre founded by the Romans in the First Century B.C. Significant traces still remain today of its prodigious past, including the Arena of the Roman Theatre, the Gavi Arch at Porta Borsari, and the archaeological site at Porta Leoni.  Invaded and occupied for a significant length of time by the Barbarians, the city lived its maximum splendour under the Scaliger Dynasty (13th-14th Centuries). There is also the Verona that continued to make its mark in other periods, from that of the Communes during the Swabian reign, to the French and Austrian dominations and then, the Italian Risorgimento. It is really a city of many faces whose history can also summarize Italy’s own history – think of the works left by the Romans, the Medieval streets, and the palazzi of the Renaissance.

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