The theme of this year’s meeting will be “A new Era of Pharmacovigilance: challenges and opportunities”, highlighting ISoP’s mission to promote research and to address emerging issues concerning drug safety.

Several challenges in the field of drug safety and regulation have to be faced in the near future. On the one hand, COVID-19 pandemic underlined the importance of pharmacovigilance activities and risk communication during health emergencies; on the other hand, in response to the increased availability of innovative therapeutics, such as advanced therapy medicinal products, digital therapeutics and vaccines developed based on advanced technologies, pharmacovigilance continues to evolve to timely and adequately address emerging issues.

The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in pharmacovigilance, the creation of database networks for post-marketing surveillance and signal detection through the analysis of real-world data are examples of the many evolving areas.

Promoting and extending research in the field of pharmacovigilance and encouraging pharmacovigilance education at all levels are also key themes of ISoP 2022.

Pharmacovigilance and drug safety play a key role in healthcare worldwide. ISoP 2022 is the perfect forum to share few days with an excellent team of some of the world’s leading experts in the field and to exchange experiences.


The 21st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance will provide an opportunity to participate in one of the most important annual international pharmacovigilance conferences to be held in Italy this year.

The scientific programme will include keynote and plenary sessions and parallel sessions examining the following topics in pharmacovigilance:


  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and big data
  2. Medication errors prevention
  3. Pharmacovigilance of biologics originator and biosimilar
  4. Pharmacogenomics/Patient-oriented pharmacovigilance
  5. Pharmacovigilance in healthcare emergency: lessons learned from COVID-19: vaccines/medicines
  6. Risk communication
  7. Database networks for post-marketing surveillance for vaccines and medicines
  8. Clinical decisions in pharmacovigilance
  9. Ecopharmacovigilance